2022 - Christine Rivera

Director of Product Management

Christine has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Kent State University.  She applied her chemistry background to atomic spectroscopy, starting with flame and furnace atomic absorption techniques to inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES) and mass spectrometry (ICP-MS).  Emerging technology of microwave plasma atomic emission spectroscopy was also added to her skillset.  For over 30 years, Christine gained extensive experience in application, product and technical sales of these techniques at Varian, Inc. GBC and Agilent Technologies.  She also managed trace metal analysis teams for environmental and pharmaceutical companies. Currently, Christine is the Director of Product Management, Spectroscopy for Radom Corporation, based in Pewaukee, WI.


Design and Performance Review of Innovative Microwave Inductively Coupled Atmospheric Plasma – Optical Emission Spectroscopy (MICAP-OESTM-1000) Utilized in Determination of Elements in Used and CRM Lubricating Oils Diluted with Low Odor Kerosene.
Abstract Number: 267
Wednesday, October 12th
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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