2022 - Chrys Wesdemiotis

Distinguished Professor of Chemistry & Polymer Science
The University of Akron

Chrys Wesdemiotis completed his Ph.D. at Technische Universität Berlin with Helmut Schwarz (1979). After a postdoctoral fellowship with Fred W. McLafferty at Cornell University (1980) and military service in Greece (1981–1983), he returned to Cornell as senior research associate (1983–1989). In 1989, he joined the University of Akron, where he currently is Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Polymer Science, and Integrated Bioscience. Research in the Wesdemiotis group focuses on the development and application of mass spectrometry methods for the characterization and imaging of synthetic polymers, advanced materials, and polymer–biomolecule conjugates and interfaces. The Wesdemiotis group has published >350 peer-reviewed papers. Prof. Wesdemiotis has mentored 21 Masters and 40 Ph.D. graduates so far. He has served in many Review Panels and Journal Editorial Boards and received several awards, including the 2020 American Chemical Society – Rubber Division George Stafford Whitby Award for Distinguished Teaching and Research.


Multidimensional Mass Spectrometry of Polymeric Materials
Abstract Number: 259
Wednesday, October 12th
8:25 AM - 8:45 AM

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