2022 - Ranzy Morgan

Choice Analytical Inc.

Ranzy Morgan currently serves as President and Co-Founder of Choice Analytical Inc., a leading supplier of analytical instruments for quality control. Since creating Choice Analytical, Ranzy has partnered with leading manufacturers to bring innovative and unique
instrumentation to tackle the toughest analytical and regulatory challenges. He has continued to expand his company’s presence globally and is responsible for the development of automated Haze and Clarity analyzers, helping to improve some of the industry’s outdated and highly subjective visual techniques. Ranzy is the holder of two
patents relating to the Spectroscopic determination of Haze in Fuel.
Prior to founding Choice Analytical, Ranzy held various executive-level positions within several prominent international companies focusing on automated laboratory and process instrumentation, including Petroleum Analyzer Company (PAC) and X-Ray Optical Systems
(XOS). He has also been an active member of ASTM and COQA for over 20 years. He is a specialist in developing international business networks and innovative analytical equipment.
Ranzy graduated from Lamar University in 1998 having studied business management.


Recent developmewnts and Validation of a More Accurate Tool for Fuel Clarity by D8148, Spectroscopic Method for Haze in Fuels
Abstract Number: 132
Tuesday, October 11th
8:40 AM - 9:10 AM

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