2022 - Roger Gaughan

Aviation Fuels Consultant
ASTM International

Roger is the Vice Chair of the ASTM Spark and Compression Ignition Aviation Fuels Subcommittee (ASTM D02.J02) and the Chair of the CRC Aviation Gasoline and Piston Fuels Group. He has been involved in aviation fuels research and provided technical assistance for over 30 years. He recently retired from ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company where he carried out projects related to jet fuel and aviation gasoline.

His wide range of research interests included jet fuel lubricity properties, mechanistic studies of filter coalescence, detection and quantification of microbial contamination in jet fuel & aviation gasolines, development of analytical methods and techniques for identification of contaminants, development of ExxonMobil's unleaded aviation gasoline, combustion research and discerning the impact of crude oil quality on aviation fuels. He was routinely responsible for conducting inspections from refinery to airport, ensuring aviation fuel quality throughout the distribution system. Resolving product quality issues in the field and conducting inspections continue to be a focus in his consulting activities.


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