Program Advertising

The Gulf Coast Conference Program will provide GCC members with news, technical, and business information, which will relate to the petrochemical, refining, and environmental professions. Don't miss the opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers in the petrochemical, refining & environmental industries.

If you would like to place your ad in the GCC program please fill out the form below. You will be contacted shortly regarding availability. Ad positioning is on a first come first served basis.

View the Gulf Coast Conference - Print Advertising Specifications.

  1.  $1,950.00 Inside Front Cover (Left) SOLD
     $1,950.00 Inside Front Cover (Right) SOLD
     $1,600.00 Inside Back Cover SOLD
     $3,200.00 Outside Back Cover SOLD
    $1,200.00 Full Page Interior 7" x 10"
    $2,000.00 Two Page Spread 15" x 10"
    $1,195.00 1/2 Page Spread 15" x 5"
    $900.00 Half Page 7" x 5"
    $700.00 Quarter Page 3.5" X 5"
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