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Nanotechnology Innovations Aid the Lubricants and Grease Industry

Main Author
Dr. Raj Shah - Koehler Instrument Company, Inc.

Additional Authors
  • Sarjeel Zaman - Stony Brook University
  • George Diloyan - Nanotech Industrial Solutions
Abstract Number: 141

The lubricants industry is a part of a growing movement in the manufacturing world to adopt the use of nanotechnology in their products. Nanoparticle additives in lubricants have long been shown to drastically improve a variety of physical and chemical properties, in both the lubricant itself and in the contact surface to which the lubricant is applied. This poster stands to be a comprehensive literature review that will take a close look into the potential for use of nanomaterials in various lubricating oils. To be more specific, two key research papers will be primarily used to analyze the anti-wear and friction-reducing tribological properties of nanoparticle additives in a water-based solvent. Furthermore, this poster will present modern developments in oil formulations, the mechanisms by which nanoparticle additives interact with contact surfaces, and a comparison of the many different types of nanoparticle constituents.

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