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Reactive Pyrolysis-GC/MS of Polymers in a Steam Environment Used to Study Potential Fuel

Main Author
Karen Sam - CDS Analytical

Additional Authors
  • Ben Landas - CDS Analytical
Abstract Number: 140

Pyrolysis under reactive atmospheres and catalysts have been studied as methods of converting biomass to a more useable fuel, including pyrolysis under the presence of steam. It is possible to investigate the conversion of biomass to bio-oil on a microscale, using reactant gas, catalysts, and pressures up to 500psi with pyrolysis-GC-MS. A recently developed pyrolyzer has the capability of introducing steam as a reactant gas.  In this study, analytical pyrolysis GC/MS using steam as a reactant gas will be studied on a natural material to see if its presence changes pyrolysis products, creating more favorable fuel or gases.  

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