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The Science Behind Viscosity Measurements at High Temperature and High Shear

Main Author
Dr. Raj Shah - Koehler Instrument Company, Inc.

Additional Authors
  • Rui Chen - Koehler Instrument Company
Abstract Number: 130

Viscosity is a critical property of engine lubricants that can greatly affect the performance and lifespan of the engine. However, at high temperature and pressure conditions, the viscosities of these engine lubricants vary from the standard observed under normal conditions. As a result, it is vital to understand firsthand what properties the lubricants will exhibit at high temperature and high shear (HTHS) conditions. Engine oils are frequently subjected to temperatures of 150℃ with varying pressures that depend on the grading of the lubricant. Despite these conditions, there is limited understanding of the HTHS instrument available that can test motor oils readily and effectively. In this poster, the main focus will be to describe the theory of high shear and high temperature effects towards various lubricating oils. We will also focus on the design and construction from a theoretical viewpoint of an apparatus to subject engine oils to high shear under various temperature conditions. Our study will focus on understanding the fundamentals of the changes that increased temperature and shear puts on various lubricating oils.

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