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What’s in Your Fuel? A Crash Course on the Various Additives Used in 2020 and How They Have Changed

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Dr. Raj Shah - Koehler Instrument Company, Inc.

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  • Stefan Lim - Koehler Instrument Company, Inc.
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There are an estimated 150,000 gas stations in the US and about 378 million gallons of gasoline are used daily in the United States. Despite this staggering number, most Americans do not know what’s in their gasoline. Modern motor gasoline is more than the low-boiling components obtained during refining of the crude oil, like most people believe. Motor gasoline is a complex formulation that in addition to containing the low-boiling hydrocarbons contains stabilizers, octane boosters, detergents, anti-freeze agents, and a multitude of other substances tailored to increase fuel efficiency, decrease harmful emissions, and maximize the functionality of the vehicles they fuel. These substances are referred to as additives and every major producer of gasoline has its own version of an ideal additives package. This poster will explain several types of fuel additives and how they have changed and will explore the direction the fuel additives industry is moving towards in the coming years.

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