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Automatic Transmission Fluids: What does the future hold for them?

Main Author
Dr. Raj Shah - Koehler Instrument Company, Inc.

Additional Authors
  • Anson Law - Dept. Of Chemical Engineering, State univ. Of NY, Stony Brook
Abstract Number: 102

Automatic transmission fluids (ATF) are ubiquitously used for decades and is salient in optimizing a vehicle’s transmission. Internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles incorporate various transmissions, each with distinctive systems and dedicated fluids. Due to a significant ICE contribute to greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are elevating environmental standards and becoming increasingly stringent. With an increase in pressure for an eco-friendly environment, there are growing incentives for hybrid and
all electric vehicles. Specifically, China and the US are two major frontrunners in this novel field and will continue developing. In this paper, we will discuss the future and practicality of ATFs in respect to a growing trend towards electric vehicles.

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