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Evaluation of a Piston Ring Coating on the Oscillation Wear and Friction with use of Unique Pre-Screening SRV Instrumentation

Currently Scheduled: 10/15/2019 - 11:50 AM - 12:10 PM
Room: South Lobby

Main Author
Raj Shah - Koehler Instrument Company, Inc.

Additional Authors
  • Philip Iaccarino - Stony Brook University
  • Vincent Colantuoni - Koehler Instrument Company, Inc.
Abstract Number: 110

In an engine, the piston group accounts for approximately 50% of frictional losses, contributing to significant fuel inefficiencies. With market demands for higher and higher fuel performances, the piston ring only increases in its load. With the use of a cost-effective Schwing, Reib, Verschleiss (SRV) instrument, the friction, wear, and load carrying capacity can be pre-screened, to determine which components perform better in an engine. By further understanding the piston-cylinder-contact assembly, engineers and scientists can further improve the piston ring and cylinder liner interaction.

The recently advanced SRV laboratory technique can also be used as a tool to study and solve various tribological problems. It is a diverse model for evaluating the friction and wear properties of greases, lubricants, coatings, additives, and other materials. Additionally, the SRV instrument is in compliance with many ASTM, ISO, and DIN testing standards. As a result of its versatile application, the SRV has the ability to be implemented in many practical setups. This paper will dwell into detail of how this technique can be used for evaluating a variety of piston ring coatings.

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