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"Tapping the Vast Resources of New Chromatographic Realms"

Currently Scheduled: 10/16/2018 - 11:00 AM - 11:40 AM
Room: Exhibit Hall A4

Main Author
Dr. Christopher Reddy - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution


From seeps to spills Christopher Reddy is no stranger to oil rigs or the ocean. His work has been documented in Science, Analytical Chemistry, Energy and Fuels, The New York Times, NPR and CNN to name a few.  This keynote will focus on leveraging the recent advances in chromatography to explore oil regardless of its source or status. Comprehensive multi-dimensional gas chromatography and FTICR mass spectrometry have been key tools in Chris’s arsenal to open new realms of investigation into historical and news worthy oil samples. His talk will include data from the first ever high resolution analysis of oil from the USS Arizona at the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii. These analyses will serve as a platform to highlight the power of these multidimensional techniques when compared to standard single dimensional GC-MS for upstream and downstream application for petroleum analysis.

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