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Cloud LIMS...Is it the right choice for my laboratory?

Currently Scheduled: 1/19/2018 - 10:10 AM - 10:40 AM
Room: Exhibit Hall Classroom (End of 200 Aisle)

Main Author
Jeanne Mensingh - Labtopia

Abstract Number: 185

In the past, smaller laboratories had to choose between a manual system with spreadsheets or a low cost LIMS solution with limited functionality. Now many of the larger LIMS vendors are providing full featured LIMS as a “software as a service” solution or Cloud LIMS to meet the needs of small to medium sized laboratories. However, during the cost analysis process it is still important for the laboratory to develop their requirements and choose the right LIMS solution for their laboratory. This presentation will provide insight on the hosted LIMS solution and the questions every regulated laboratory should ask the LIMS vendor(s) providing the service. The laboratory should perform due diligence including a risk assessment for the vendor,  for the server, network, database, and LIMS application.

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