New Product Showcase

The Gulf Coast Conference will sponsor a New Product Showcase to provide a forum for the introduction of new technology and innovation to our attendees. On Tuesday and Wednesday of the meeting there will be special table top displays with new products and technology for your examination. Several vendors will provide these products and personnel to describe them during specific times in the convention center lounge area.

We are asking all Attendees to stop by and take a look at these products and complete an opinion survey about what you see. The GCC will appreciate your participation, and we know that the participating vendors will as well!

Listed below are the participating exhibitors.

CosaXentaur CosaXentaur ASC-270LS Liquid/Solid Auto-Sampler

Category C - Best Time Saving Product/Method/Program


Contact: Patrick Thomas
Phone: 713-947-9591

GCC 2018 New Product Showcase Model ASC-270LS Liquid/Solid Auto-Sampler from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Analytech COSA + Xentaur are proud to announce the new Model ASC-270LS combination Liquid-Solid Auto Sampler from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Analytech. A latest addition to Mitsubishi's full line of elemental combustion analyzers, the ASC-270LS continues the tradition of flexible and adaptable design of the NSX-2100H and AQF-2100H series of analyzers.

Product Website: More on the ASC-270LS Liquid/Solid Auto-Sampler


Category C - Best Time Saving Product/Method/Program


Contact: Ching Yue Yeung
Phone: (315) 434-2544

Calorific value and sulfur analysis in biogas/biomethane provides critical information before injecting into natural gas grid to safeguard gas quality and usage safety. Micro GC Fusion from INFICON produces accurate analysis within 1 - 3 minutes, and enables remote instrumentation with automatic fault recovery and Modbus communication interface. The proven analytical performance, rapid analysis and remote operation capabilities streamlines decision-making with timely and accurate information.

Product Website: More on the Micro GC Fusion