New Product Showcase

The Gulf Coast Conference will sponsor a New Product Showcase to provide a forum for the introduction of new technology and innovation to our attendees. On Tuesday and Wednesday of the meeting there will be special table top displays with new products and technology for your examination. Several vendors will provide these products and personnel to describe them during specific times in the convention center lounge area.

We are asking all Attendees to stop by and take a look at these products and complete an opinion survey about what you see. The GCC will appreciate your participation, and we know that the participating vendors will as well!

Listed below are the participating exhibitors.

estek Corporation
Methanizer (CH4izer)

Category: A - Best New Analytical Instrument

Restek Corporation

Contact: Mark Badger
Phone: (814) 353-1300 x2394

Restek is known for its innovation and continual improvement; in this new Methanizer Restek has taken well established technology and made it more accessible to all chromatographers. We have designed the Restek Methanizer to be easy to install, operate and maintain. Used for the conversion of CO and CO2 to CH4 to aid with the low concentration analysis of CO and CO2 using GC-FID. This is an aftermarket product for self-installation.

Product Website: More on Methanizer (CH4izer)

Formulaction Inc. Fluidicam Rheometer

C - Best Time Saving Product/Method/Program

Formulaction Inc.

Contact: Matt Vanden Eynden
Phone: (614) 888-0023

The Fluidicam Rheometer offers unique advantages vs. conventional viscometers & rheometers that make it ideal for rapid & complete measurement of shear viscosity profiles of polymeric solutions, dispersions, suspensions & emulsions. Based on microfluidic principles, small sample volumes enable rapid temperature changes & enable full rheological profiles to be obtained over a wide shear rate range, even for low viscous fluids at very high shear rates.

Product Website: More on Fluidicam Rheometer