Moderator Submission

This is an invitation for you to participate in the proceedings of the GCC. If you are selected as a moderator for a technical session you will be notified by email and your registration fee will be waived. As a volunteer you will gain experience, contacts, and it looks great on your resume!

The following are duties expected of our moderators:

  1. Attend your assigned session. A Typical session is 2-3 hours long.
  2. Introduce each speaker and the title of their presentation for the entire session.
  3. Record the attendance at each presentation.
  4. Moderate questions and answers (if time allows). Keep on the specified schedule.
  5. Return all paperwork to the Registration counter.

* = Required

  1. Select all areas which apply to your highest level of interests and experience (for multiple choices hold down ctrl key):
  2. Select all sources where you heard about the event (for multiple choices hold down ctrl key):