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Cedar Park, Texas 78613
United States
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Web Address: www.RigakuEDXRF.com

Description: Applied Rigaku Technologies specializes in EDXRF benchtop and on-line elemental analyzers serving upstream and midstream for in-field use and downstream for refineries and commercial labs. With multi-element analysis capabilities, our benchtops include the compact NEX QC Series for S in oil per ASTM D4294, NEX DE Series for quick ASTM D8252 compliance of Ni and V, and NEX CG II indirect excitation analyzer for ultra-low Cl in crude oil per ASTM D4929, lube oils per ASTM D7551, ULSD per ASTM D7220, and more. For real-time process control needs, we offer NEX XT total sulfur analyzer for crude oil and bunker fuel monitoring and blending and NEX OL multi-element analyzer for liquid streams.