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N8W22577 Johnson Drive
Pewaukee, Wisconsin 53186

Email: info@cfrengines.com
Phone: 262-501-5998
Fax: 262-510-0595

Web Address: www.cfrengines.com

Description: CFR Engines Inc. (CFR™) is a leading global manufacturer of fuel rating test instruments and related equipment. Since 1928, CFR products have been made in North America with advanced technology, robust design, and strict manufacturing processes to deliver fuel testing excellence. Whether a CFR engine with XCP Technology or an Ignition Quality Tester (IQT™) system, CFR products continue to provide value and confidence in global Gasoline and Diesel fuel quality. The CFR F1/F2 for Octane Number adheres to ASTM D2699/D2700. The CFR F5 for Cetane Number adheres to ASTM D613. The IQT for Derived Cetane Number adheres to ASTM D6890. Booth # 518