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4295 Catlett Road
Midland, VA 22728

Email: marketing@chemetrics.com
Phone: 540-788-9026
Fax: 540-788-4856

Web Address: www.chemetrics.com

Description: CHEMetrics manufactures test kits and instruments for more than 45 important water quality analysis parameters. All kits feature self-filling reagent ampoules that offer the analyst a faster, easier and more efficient way to perform routine water analysis. CHEMetrics kits are widely used for influent, process, water, and wastewater/effluent water analysis in refineries and chemical plants to spot check levels of selected chemicals to ensure contaminants are removed or at permissible levels. Test kits are available for ammonia, chlorine, dissolved oxygen, phenols, sulfide and more. CHEMetrics, Midland, Virginia 22728. For more information, visit www.chemetrics.com or call 800.356.3072.