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12692 Sandy Drive STE 116
Granger, IN 46530
United States

Email: sales@lazarsci.com
Phone: 574-271-7020
Fax: 574-271-7477

Web Address: www.lazarsci.com

Description: Lazar Scientific, Inc. is the factory authorized provider of instrumentation from Stanhope Seta, Seta Analytics, Orbis BV, King Refrigeration, Tannas Co., and Schmidt + Haensch throughout the United States and XOS throughout the Midwest. With years of experience, our team provides sales and service support for physical properties characterization including flash point, viscosity, refractometry, inline process refractometry, cloud, pour and freezing points, distillation, corrosion properties, fuel cleanliness, polarimetry, densitometry, penetration, and oxidation stability, among others. We provide analytical solutions, quality instruments, and reliable service for the petroleum, renewable fuel, and biofuel industries.