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503 Commercial Dr
Fairfield, Ohio 45014
United States

Email: sales@estanalytical.com
Phone: 513-642-0100
Fax: 513-642-0106

Web Address: www.estanalytical.com

Description: EST Analytical is a global manufacturer, distributor and service provider of analytical instruments and lab equipment. EST is located in Cincinnati, OH with resources also in Houston, TX. We provide the Nexis and 7000, advanced elemental combustion analyzers that offer fast, accurate and precise analysis of nitrogen, sulfur and chlorine for liquid, LPG, gas and solid samples. We also offer the Flex Robotic Sampling Platform for sample prep and sample introduction including liquid injection, headspace and SPME as well as customized HPLC sample preparation. Our chemists are highly-skilled field service engineers across the United States and provide support and 48 hour onsite service response.