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14432 SE Eastgate Way Suite 450
Bellevue, WA 98005-3050
United States

Email: customerservice@atago-usa.com
Phone: 425-637-2107
Fax: 425-637-2100

Web Address: www.atago-usa.com

Description: ATAGO® means quality. Throughout 80 years of expertise in providing innovative solutions and quality instruments, ATAGO® listens and responds to customers' demand in more than 155 countries. To accommodate a multitude of scenes, we have portable, benchtop, or in-line systems for you to choose from. Whether measuring Brix, salinity, coolant, viscosity, pH, etc., let us know! Our instruments will add to your IoT generated workflows. For inquiries, please contact us at customerservice@atago-usa.com or at 425-637-2107. Visit www.atago-usa.com for more detailed information!