[Booth(s): 1020]

Otto-EiƟfeldt-Strasse 8
Halle, Sachsen Anhalt 06120

Email: info@ech.de
Phone: +49 345 279570-0
Fax: +49 345 279570-99

Web Address: www.ech.de

Description: ECH Elektrochemie Halle from Germany brings you the latest technology to accurately measure water content and H2S in your lab, on a mobile truck or fully integrated as an on-line unit. The ECH R&D team are active participants at ASTM, ISO, EI and DIN helping develop new analytical techniques to many problematic petroleum and environmental tests. This year we bring you the new Aquamax KF Pro LPG and Aquamax KF Pro Oil. These revolutionary Karl Fischer titrators accurately determine ppm water in LPG, LNG, gas mixtures, Crudes oil, fuels and lubricants. Our product specialists will be on the booth ready to answers all of your questions on water contents and H2S in all sample types.