[Booth(s): 1022]

134A Sandy Drive
Newark, Delaware 19703

Email: info@jas-usa.com
Phone: 302-607-0088
Fax: 302-709-3146

Web Address: www.jas.de

Description: Joint Analytical Systems offers a broad spectrum of GC- and LC solutions based on the Agilent Technologies chemical analysis portfolio, and is a Valve Added Reseller. In addition, we have a number of proprietary products such as the Universal Injections System (UNIS), Cryo Trap, Gas Injections control unit (GICU), EZ-Prep sample fraction collector, Natural Gas Analyzer, Refinery Gas Analyzer, and the only commercially available Atomic Emission Detector. Our organization is support driven, and provides customized instruments configurations to meet your application needs. Please visit us at Booth #1022 to see the NEW third generation AED.