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College Station, Texas 77842

Email: oi-info@xyleminc.com
Phone: (979) 690-1711
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Web Address: www.oico.com

Description: OI Analytical designs/manufactures lab instrumentation for the oil, gas, and petrochem industries to help maximize productivity, improve product quality, and meet environmental regulations. Solutions include custom-configured GC/GC-MS systems and detectors, purge & trap sample concentrators, continuous flow chemistry analyzers, TOC analyzers, refractometers, titrators, and more. The S-Pro 3200 Sulfur Analysis GC System provides increased selectivity and superior sensitivity for the analysis of sulfur and hydrocarbons, while our new 1080 TOC Analyzer easily handles high-salt and difficult effluent samples with a lower cost of ownership. We offer expert technical service and support worldwide.