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7561 Corporate Way
Eden Prairie, Minnesota 55344
United States

Email: contact@activatedresearch.com
Phone: 612-787-2721
Fax: 612-787-2721

Web Address: www.activatedresearch.com

Description: Activated Research Company (ARC) was founded in 2014 with a mission is to make chemical analysis easy while improving accuracy, saving time, and reducing overall costs. The Polyarc® System is an add-on device which simplifies GC/FID analysis by providing a uniform carbon response. The Jetanizer™, launched in 2017, is the world's easiest methanizer - designed to analyze CO and CO2 with ease, all within an FID jet. We are excited to continue creating innovative solutions to simplify workflow and improve laboratory operations, including Solvere™, the universal carbon detector for liquid chromatography. Stop by our booth to learn more.