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R71 Rtherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell Campus
Oxford, Oxfordshire OX1 0QX

Email: enquiries@keit.co.uk
Phone: +44-1235-567176
Fax: N/A

Web Address: www.keit.co.uk

Description: Keit provides rugged technology for in-line process monitoring of liquids. the IRmadillo FTIR spectrometer uses the power of mid-infrared analysis with a solid-state design to enable real-time reaction analysis. The in situ process spectrometer is used for fuel and contaminant identification (including water) to ensure production quality and efficiency. The compact and rugged IRmadillo provides accurate, real-time results in environments where standard instruments fail. In January 2018, Quantum Analytics successfully showcased the IRmadillo to become the winner of the GCC New Product Showcase.