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Description: ASI Standards is your trusted source for customized calibration and quality control materials for the Petrochemical Industry. Sulfur in base, crude, and residual oils for ASTM. Sulfur in Gasoline for EPA Tier 3. Ultra-low Sulfur Diesel for EPA. Polysulfides. Sulfur in Diesel for MARPOL. Sulfur and Nitrogen in isooctane, toluene, xylenes in ampules for combustion analysis. Sulfur and Metals in base and residual oil. Complex, randomized multi-element sets for XRF applications like ASTM D6443 and D7751. Organometallic standards, single and multi-element, for wear metals, additives and contaminants analysis. Chlorine and Sulfur in Waste Oil. Lead Standards in Gasoline or Isooctane. TAN, TBN, Bromine Number/Index Titration Standards. Physical Testing Standards. Biodiesel Standards for D6584.