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257 Simarano Drive
Marlborough, MA 01752

Email: usa.sales@dani-instruments.com
Phone: 508-281-6274
Fax: 508-281-6238

Web Address: www.dani-instruments.com

Description: Dani Instruments is an Italian based company manufacturing scientific instrumentation since 1975. Product include gas chromatograph and several GC auto-samplers including liquid injection, equilibrium headspace, dynamic headspace and purge & trap auto-samplers. In 2015, Dani expanded with a USA based office through the purchase of Spectra-Analysis, Inc, a USA based company which specializes in GC/FTIR and HPLC/FTIR. In 2017, Dani Instruments is expanding into the USA with their chromatography products of GC and auto-samplers. Dani Instruments is the global leader in manufacture of headspace auto-samplers, with over 35,000 headspace units marketed by several vendors.