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8 cheonggwang-gil, ilkwang-myeon, Gijang-gun
Busan, Busan 46047
South Korea

Email: info@sunstat.com
Phone: 82517207504
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Web Address: www.sunstat.com

Description: The company started to manufacture antistatic devices and the "X-ray ionization" method via soft x-ray radiation mainly becomes the most famous and effective method that is now well known for people in Display, Semiconductor, and many other fields. It has been expanding the products range to x-ray tube, x-ray generation system for XRF, medical x-ray, and more. The core characteristic of Sunje is not only producing and selling the goods, but putting abundant efforts on keeping engineers high priority in technological innovation and their involvement to supply fine results to the users. Meantime, the cost-effective pricing is another competitive factor.