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London Street
Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8AP

Email: mv@stanhope-seta.co.uk
Phone: 0044 193 256 4391
Fax: 0044 193 256 8363

Web Address: www.stanhope-seta.co.uk

Description: The widest range of quality control instruments for ASTM standard test methods and specifications. New developments include key safety improvements for Pensky-Martens Flash Point, FIJI Rapid Screening of FAME in Jet & Diesel, H2S Analysis of Crude and Marine Fuels, Vapour Pressure by mini methods, Cetane Number by AFIDA, Cold Soak Filter Blocking and Micro Carbon Residue Tester. All actively supported and serviced in the USA by Lazar Scientific. www.stanhope-seta.co.uk