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6660 N HIgh Street, Suite 2A
Worthington, Ohio 43085

Email: sales@formulactionusa.com
Phone: 614-888-0023

Web Address: www.formulaction.com

Description: Formulaction designs a series of analytical devices the help measure and predict stability and other rheological properties using light scattering techniques. The Turbiscan is used industry-wide for the analysis of asphaltene dispersions coherent to ASTM D-7061 as well as quantitative crude oil demulsification analysis. Rheological instruments such as the Fluidicam offers a microfluidic viscosity technique sensitive to very low viscosities and high shear rates and the Rheolaser line can detect particle motion and correlate to multiple viscoelastic properties. For over twenty years Formulaction has been providing solutions and insights for the oil and fuel industry.