Abstract Submission

Deadline for Submission: August 11, 2017

Presentations of various types, i.e. technical presentations, seminars, workshops, training courses, user group meetings and posters will be accepted by the Gulf Coast Conference.

The Following are requirements by the GCC for submissions:

  1. Abstracts of 100 words or less are required with the completed Call for Paper form. This will assist us in placing your presentation into a group of similar topics, which should help give you an audience with common interests.
  2. If your presentation is accepted, the GCC expects that you or your designee will make the presentation. Failure to appear or failure to reasonably notify GCC of a cancellation will result in sanctions against future presentations. In fairness to our members who may travel at great expense and time to hear your presentation, please adhere to the above requirements. You will be notified by email if your presentation is accepted.
  3. All Poster Boards are 4' x 8' and will be available for your poster sessions on Tuesday. Thumbtacks will be provided. The Posters will be located in the back of the convention center. Posters must be set on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning 9:00 AM and can be removed by 5:00 PM on Wednesday afternoon. GCC is not responsible for any posters left by the author(s).

Please complete this form and press the Submit Abstract button at the bottom of the form.

* = Required

Type of Presentation:

  • Paper - Presentations scheduled every 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Seminar/Workshop - Meeting for exchanging information and holding discussions usually lasting for 1 hour to 1 full day or more and focuses on a particular topic, i.e. chromatography, spectroscopy.
  • Training Course - Courses providing training on their product/theory, etc...
  • User Group - To update and/or familiarize new and existing users with a particular product.
  • Poster - Presentations or techniques that are displayed on a 4' x 8' board provided by GCC and displayed in the exhibit hall area. You will have a scheduled time of 20 minutes to be with your poster for questions from the audience.
  1. Select a topic of interest in order to better schedule your presentation.