Gulf Coast ConferenceOCT 11-12, 2016 | George R Brown Convention Center 1001 Avenida de Las Americas | Houston, Texas, 77010

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New Product Showcase

The Gulf Coast Conference will sponsor a New Product Showcase to provide a forum for the introduction of new technology and innovation to our attendees. On Tuesday and Wednesday of the meeting there will be special table top displays with new products and technology for your examination. Several vendors will provide these products and personnel to describe them during specific times in the convention center lounge area.

We are asking all Attendees to stop by and take a look at these products and complete an opinion survey about what you see. The GCC will appreciate your participation, and we know that the participating vendors will as well!

Listed below are the participating exhibitors.

ARLâ„¢ QUANT'X EDXRF Spectrometer
ARLâ„¢ QUANT'X EDXRF Spectrometer

Category: C - Best Time Saving Product/Method/Program

Thermo Scientific Elemental Analyzers
Contact: Nathalie Keng
Phone: +41216947222

The Thermo Scientific ARL QUANT´X Energy-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer is a state-of-the-art elemental analyzer for the most challenging analytical tasks in research and manufacturing. After four generations of lithium-drifted silicon or Si(Li) detectors Thermo Fisher Scientific recently introduced the latest in silicon drift detector (SDD) technology. The innovative SDD1000 fitted with a 1 mm thick active crystal - an industry™s first - significantly improves sensitivity for heavy elements such as Hg, Pb, Ag, Cd and Sb. Additionally, the SDD1000 has an active area of 30 mm2 providing a four times larger “umbrella” to capture photons. Both these features translate into superior performance of the new SDD1000 which provides better detection limits or allows shortening measurement times for light and heavy elements by factor four. Besides, this SDD1000 detector can be cooled down and started in 2 minutes (instead of 2 hours previously), therefore the instrument can be switched off completely overnight and started again in the morning without losing time.

Product Website:More on ARL™ QUANT´X EDXRF Spectrometer

LEAP Technologies
LEAP Technologies

Category: C - Best Time Saving Product/Method/Program

Company: LEAP Technologies
Contact: Courtney Phillips
Phone: 919-698-7603

Introducing the Automated Bench-top NMR Solution. Our lab solution offers the complete package: a powerful, high-resolution, cryogen-free NMR with state of the art automation and sample preparation. More accurate analyses, less operator time, less solvent used and more confidence in your results. The ability to reformat, add internal standards, preconcentrate and more. A unique combination of the Spinsolve Proton, Carbon or Phosphorous NMR with the PAL3 automation.

Product Website: "Coming Soon!"

Clora 2XP
Clora 2XP

Category: A - Best New Analytical Instrument

Contact: Andy Archer
Phone: 713-201-0886

The Clora 2XP Benchtop analyzer is designed for use with liquid hydrocarbons such as aromatics, distillates, heavy fuels and crude oils, as well as aqueous solutions. The enhanced precision of Clora 2XP is ideal for testing related to catalyst poisoning in reformers or for sites with fluid catalytic crackers and hydrocrackers monitoring very low levels of chlorine.

Product Website:More on Clora 2XP


Category: B - Best New Analytical Technique

Ayalytical Instruments, Inc
Contact: Juan Ayala
Phone: 312-622-7520

Copper corrosivity has become a critical indicator of sulfur compounds present after the refining process. Prior to Copper Digital Detection Imaging (CuDDI), measuring corrosivity in petroleum presented a number of challenges. With no accurate standardized procedures in place, previous copper corrosivity testing resulted in human error and bias due to manual visual assessments. CuDDI's exclusive, patent pending design takes the guesswork out of copper corrosion detection. Adhering to ASTM D130 and D1838, CuDDI precisely identifies corrosivity levels and eliminates operator bias through a 4-step automated vision algorithm and classification process. Its unique vision algorithm and light box records, calculates and displays accurate corrosivity ratings in a matter of seconds. CuDDI's simplified, breakthrough procedure provides improved ratings, methodology and sample handling over current tests. A high-resolution camera with sophisticated optics provides higher precision machining and motors for the rotation of the copper strip. Using a corrosion detection range of 1a through 4C, outcomes are digitally recorded and seamlessly integrate with LIMS software. The results are not only a groundbreaking improvement on current laboratory procedures; they are the new standard for copper detection.

Product Website:More on CuDDI - Copper Digital Detection Imaging

Discover SP-D Gold
Discover SP-D Gold

Category: C - Best Time Saving Product/Method/Program

Contact: Matthew Nigro
Phone: 402-960-6248

Discover SP-D Gold CEM has advanced microwave technology once again. The Discover SP-D Gold is the most dynamic microwave digestion system on the market. This automated sequential system will digest your most extreme samples using proprietary vessels that can withstand higher temperatures and pressures.

Product Website:More on Discover SP-D Gold

DMA 4200 M
DMA 4200 M

Category: A - Best New Analytical Instrument

Anton Paar USA
Contact: Lillianne Hall
Phone: 800-722-7556

The DMA 4200 M density meter measures all of your petroleum samples, including crude oil, intermediate products, asphalt, bitumen, liquefied petroleum gas and high-viscosity liquids. Using DMA 4200 M means that tedious, manual and time-intensive measurement with pycnometers or hydrometers is a thing of the past. Only 2 mL of sample is needed and even viscous samples are filled easily. Measurement in a temperature range from -10 °C up to 200 °C even allows density checks on samples which are solid at room temperature. DMA 4200 M automatically calculates the density values for the required reporting temperature using the built-in API tables, without the need for manual temperature compensation. After measurement, the DMA 4200 M sample cell is quickly cleaned with only a small amount of solvent.

Product Website:More on DMA 4200 M


Category: B - Best New Analytical Technique

Contact: Adriana Romero
Phone: 281-940-1749

PAC has developed a blazing fast ellipsometric jet fuel thermal oxidation heater tube scanner. Our new ellipsometer gives you a full scan with 2D and 3D map, defining maximum deposit thickness and deposit volume. This is all done in less than 10 minutes (same amount of time it takes to do a standard VTR). Results are not only fast, but they are highly precise and accurate, since they are better than the ASTM D3241 requirements. The unified test report includes results from the JFTOT and Ellipsometer, that can be stored in our Intelligent Heater Tube eliminating the need for paper trail.

Product Website:More on Ellipsometer

Thermo Scientific Q Exactive GC

Category: A - Best New Analytical Instrument

Thermo Fisher ScientificThermo Scientific Q Exactive GC
Contact: Jason Cole
Phone: 512-461-7832

The Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ GC hybrid quadrupole Orbitrap mass spectrometer provides an unmatched combination of sensitivity, mass-accuracy and resolving power, helping answer today's most challenging analytical questions. With best-in-class performance characteristics for both quantitative and discovery workflows, the Q Exactive GC system allows the most comprehensive characterization of complex samples. The full MS scanning sensitivity combined with the selectivity achieved at resolutions of 50,000 and higher provides detection limits comparable to the best GC-triple quadrupoles while operating in an untargeted full MS scan mode. The included chemical ionization source provides soft ionization for pseudomolecular ion generation, and the analytical quadrupole and HCD cell allow for structural characterization experiments through MS/MS fragmentation. This world-class performance and comprehensive toolkit comes in a user friendly bench-top design, with standard ease-of-use features including vent-free source and column exchange.

Product Website:More on Exactive GC

FASTRATE Titration

Category: C - Best Time Saving Product/Method/Program

FACET Analytical Services & Technology LLC.FASTRATE Titration
Contact: Meghan Fry
Phone: 317-790-6234

FACET® Analytical has developed a calibration standard in solid dosage form for use in volumetric Karl Fischer titrations, FASTRATE™. This novel standard by its form and composition reduces variability introduced by analyst technique and increases throughput. FASTRATE™ tablets can be formulated to customer specifications for water content and packaged in diverse presentations. Unit dose packaging preserves sample integrity and eliminates cumbersome use of a syringe or weigh boat during dispense. Instrument calibration is simplified and more repeatable because transfer time and exposure of vessel contents to foreign moisture are reduced. FASTRATE™ can be used as a check standard throughout a run and facilitates complete automation of the measurement since the delivery mechanism is the same for both standard and sample.

Product Website:More on FASTRATE Titration

Hanby CRS
Hanby CRS

Category: B - Best New Analytical Technique

Hanby PetroAnalysis
Contact: Charles Fator
Phone: 713-468-3898

Hanby PetroAnalysis presents Hanby CRS (Chemical Reaction Spectorphotometry performed by the new portable device the Hydrocarbon ID. The Hydrocarbon ID utilizes a chemcial reaction and is a combination of both Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy in a mobile unit to do field analysis for both environmental and oil & gas purposes.

Product Link:More on Hanby CRS

Metrohm’s Thermometric

Category: C - Best Time Saving Product/Method/Program

Metrohm adi7010Metrohm USA
Contact: Lori Carey
Phone: 813-316-4770

Monitoring acidity in petroleum refining remains a critical focus for corrosion control and commerce. Getting that data in a timely manner is important and difficult samples often create lengthy titration times as well as require extensive electrode care. Metrohm’s Thermometric TAN Analyzer performs this entire titration in less than 3 minutes. Using concepts of enthalpy change and reaction rate, the Metrohm Thermoprobe detects clearly defined TAN titration endpoints four times faster than potentiometric titration. The Metrohm Thermometric TAN Analyzer requires less solvent, a smaller sample size and integrates a maintenance free sensor in a complete system you can confidently run unattended.

Product Link:More on Metrohm’s Thermometric


Category: A - Best New Analytical Instrument

Nicolet™Thermo Scientific FT-IR Spectrometer
Contact: Kathy Callaghan
Phone: 608-327-6751

The Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iG50 FT-IR spectrometer offers a modular, user-configurable FT-IR platform designed for industrial applications. The Nicolet iG50 system extends the premium performance of the Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet iS50, our industry-leading R&D spectrometer, onto a rugged platform for optimal performance, reliability, and configurability. With interchangeable optical and sampling interface modules, the iG50 can be customized to fit the unique requirements of industrial process monitoring applications. The Nicolet iG50 gives you the power and sensitivity of a research system with the robustness and reliability of an industrial analyzer.

Product Link: "Coming Soon!"

Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Detector

Category: A - Best New Analytical Instrument

Agilent Technologies
Contact: Alonzo Brown
Phone: 302-636-8108

Nitrogen Chemiluminescence DetectorAgilent is the worldwide leader in gas chromatography, and the worldwide leader in sulfur chemiluminescence detectors, too. Fully integrating the two products makes perfect sense. The 8355 SCD and 8255 NCD are now fully integrated with the 7890B GC. But we didn't stop with simply integrating the control of the detector. The 8355 & 8255 have been reimagined and redesigned with the #1 focus being on significantly improving the operator's user experience. A simpler, more reliable, and more robust analyzer will make the operator more productive and the laboratory more cost efficient. This is definitely not a 'next-generation' instrument. Major efforts were placed on redesigning the ozone generator, the electronic pneumatic control module, the reaction cell, and most importantly; the burner assembly. At the heart of every SCD detector is the burner assembly.

To improve reliability and serviceability, the design was dramatically simplified; problematic ferrules were eliminated, gas flows now enter the heater block through brazed connections, and the number of components used in the burner assembly was reduced by 50%. So what does that mean for an operator? Simplified maintenance. A key maintenance component of the burner assembly is the inner ceramic tube. The Inner ceramic tube is now exchanged through the top of the burner without removal of the entire assembly. In the past design, replacing the inner ceramic tube used to take more than an hour! Today, it only takes 10 minutes. All of the other component improvements collectively contribute to the enhanced user experience. To compliment all of the hardware improvements, the control of the SCD/NCD products was fully integrated into the GC. All set-points and actuals are displayed on the GC front panel or the operating CDS system. This gives you all of the control for the GC and detector in one simple location. Stop by the Agilent booth (#617) to discuss your application with our SCD/NCD specialists, and see the new 8355 SCD in the New Product Showcase area. If you cannot wait to see the newest addition to the Agilent lineup, go online and learn more -

Product Link:More on Nitrogen Chemiluminescence Detectororclick on this PDF file.


Category: C - Best Time Saving Product/Method/Program

Activated Research CompanyPolyarc
Contact: Kim Herzog
Phone: 612-810-4363

Polyarc is a catalytic reactor that eliminates calibrations of the flame ionization detector (FID) within your gas chromatograph (GC). The microreactor design integrates with and enhances existing GC/FIDs by converting all carbon-containing species to methane through a series of catalytic reactions prior to being detected by the FID. It enables the quantification of all carbon-containing chemicals with enhanced sensitivity while maintaining GC separation performance and peak shape. Additional benefits include quantification of unknown compounds/overlapping peaks, detection of compounds with very low or no FID response (i.e. CO, formaldehyde, etc), detection of compounds with no existing commercial standard, and many more. Seamless integration of a Polyarc reactor will make your GC better, faster, and cheaper to operate.

Product Website:More on Polyarc

Spectrum 10

Category: D - Best Software Advancement

PerkinElmerSpectrum 10
Contact: Rachel Nobles
Phone: 678-478-3075

Spectrum™ 10 software is designed for the latest range of PerkinElmer FT-IR spectrometers. This comprehensive package sets the standard in FT-IR software for simplicity and efficiency in data collection, processing and generating results. The software's interface combines single-click access to common functions with powerful data and results management. Its 'layered simplicity' is a breakthrough in spectroscopy software. Unlike other packages which often trade-off ease-of-use for advanced capability, Spectrum 10™ provides both - making it the ideal software for novices and advanced spectroscopists alike.

Product Website:More on Spectrum 10

SPE-DEX 3100 Oil & Grease Extractor

Category: A - Best New Analytical Instrument

Horizon TechnologySPE-DEX 3100 Oil & Grease Extractor
Contact: Chad Schewe
Phone: 713-204-3491

The SPE-DEX 3100 Oil & Grease System The SPE-DEX 3100 is used with the Speed-Vap® IV Evaporation System, SolventTrapOG solvent recovery system, and Pacific™ Premium Disks for a complete workflow approach for n-hexane extractables. • Business advantages o Three independent stations for the best match with the laboratory workload o Safely walk-away for better technician time use o Intuitive touch-screen controller with pre-programmed methods for rapid start-up with reduced learning curve o Uses less solvent and produces less waste o All incoming samples can be processed, whether highly particulated or not • Analytical advantages o Excellent recoveries with Pacific Premium disks o Better reproducibility between multiple technicians o Uses the original sample bottle and also rinses it

Product Website:More on SPE-DEX 3100 Oil & Grease Extractor


Category: A - Best New Analytical Instrument

VUV Analytics, Inc.SVGA-100
Contact: VUV Analytics, Inc.
Phone: 512-333-0860

Building on the success of the VGA-100, VUV Analytics is proud to announce the release of the SVGA-100. The instrument is specifically configured for rapid streaming gas analysis, enabling customers to sample gas streams directly. The VUV absorption technique is easily able to measure many gas blends without the need for separation and the strong compound specific absorption responses provides very sensitive detection.

Product Website:More on SVGA-100


Category: A - Best New Analytical Instrument

Contact: Katherine Macchiarola
Phone: 508-647-1187

The new Zetium XRF platform, embodying SumXcore technology, offers a unique and revolutionary integration of sequential WDXRF, EDXRF and XRD. This combination, which has never been realized before, gives Zetium unprecedented analytical power, speed and task flexibility. Zetium combines the strengths of all three techniques to address elemental analysis needs in industrial, process development and R&D environments in the most versatile and powerful way currently available. Examples are reduction of analysis time of bulk materials of up 50%, small spot mapping analysis time of hours rather days, dual compliance with WDXRF and EDXRF norms, for example ASTM D2622 and ASTM D4294and a unique approach of measuring free lime in cement.

Product Website:More on Zetium